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Thread: What to buy? Sunbeam or Breville

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    What to buy? Sunbeam or Breville

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi Snobs,

    I need your help! My Delightful (saying that in all seriousness) sister-in-law KC has asked for some advice on purchasing an espresso machine. The choice is a;

    Sunbeam Cafe Crema or Breville Cafť Modena Espresso Machine

    I have a Bezzera BZ07 DE and a Mazzer Mini Electronic and I donít know these above ones because I have never used them and itís not fair to compare them (different price rage).

    I think that you could get some good coffee if you put in some effort and learn the quirks of the machine.

    I am going to try to convince KC to get a grinder as they currently do plunger from pre-ground SM (supermarket coffee). Home roasting! Could I get KC onto this?? I will send KC some to compare with the SM coffee.

    I know some of you have owned and used them so let me know what you think!


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    Re: What to buy? Sunbeam or Breville

    Couldnt you convince her to just spend that money on a grinder and drink better plunger?

    My first machine was the SB. Pretty solid little machine, my brother has used one for 7 years now on a pretty regular basis and its still going strong.

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    Re: What to buy? Sunbeam or Breville

    maybe you can make a coffee for her, to illustrate the difference in taste a good grinder can make?

    i dont know much about the machines you mentioned, but i have a breville 800ES and if treated properly and using freshly roasted and ground beans, it can produce an acceptable coffee.

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