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Thread: Sunbeam to takeover Breville?

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    Sunbeam to takeover Breville?

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    Ive been following this story a little (being in the finance industry), and i think it has interesting implications for entry level machines!,,26186671-5018017,00.html

    if the deal does go ahead, then perhaps in a few years time we will see more interchangable parts between breville and sunbeam machines - eg. steam wands or group handles. or even a better breville machine based on the EM6910?

    on the other hand, it might not be so good, the quality of products might suffer due to a lack of competition in this entry level market... *::)

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    Re: Sunbeam to takeover Breville?

    HI JS,

    Do these Coys manufacture machines?
    Or do they source bin parts, assemble or have assembled, or source product from Chinese manufacturers?
    I would like to know the facts?
    Whatever is actually true, the result may improve companies bargaining power with the manufacturers and profit margins for the share holders.
    I would expect "rationalisation" and reduction of competition in the market place and consumers to pay the price.
    Profiteering would create an opportunity for a third player to penetrate their markets.
    The companies together or separately will manage the consumers (the market) for their own convenience as best they can.
    Just the way of the world, forget the rhetoric.

    Kind Regards

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