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Thread: Help I need advice....

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    Help I need advice....

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Okay I like coffee. I need it to function in the morning BUT I have NO discernable skill in picking the best coffee. My bf recently asked for a coffee machine for us at home for his birthday. He did some research and discovered the Breville BES400ikon would suit. He sent me the link and I have been unable to locate this machine and actually was informed it has been discontinued. Accordingly, his birthday present this year was a dud! Christmas is coming up and I need a replacement coffee machine as the ideal make up gift. Can anyone please recommend a machine that does what the previously requested Breville BES400ikon would have done?? I was thinking of spending around the $500 - $600 mark.... from hopelessgf

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    Re: Help I need advice....

    check out the sunbeam 6910 and free grinder about $699 at major retailers
    would be worth a look rather than an icon

    then you would start talking silvia / lelit combo etc

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    Re: Help I need advice....

    Welcome (far from) hopelessgf.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Another machine worth thinking about at this level is the Gaggia Classic which I have seen on sale at various places for between $450-500; a Nemox Fenice/Lelit style of machine (goes under many badge names but still a quality Italian machine) for around $550-600 or so....

    If you havent currently got a decent grinder then you really do need one of these before you get a machine. Trying to elicit high quality coffee from any machine without freshly roasted, high quality beans only ground immediately before brewing is practically impossible. Some might even say it is utterly impossible. Supermarket or most any other pre-ground, pre-packaged stuff is already way stale and not really worth contemplating. See if you can locate an artisan Roaster in your neck of the woods and give some fresh, whole bean coffee a go.

    Anyway, probably the best suggestion, is to visit a reputable specialist retailer in your locality (preferably one of our Site Sponsors listed over on the L/H side of the page) and see what sort of combination might be possible within your stated budget. Nothing like a hands-on demo to get a feel what suits you best... 8-)

    All the best :)

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