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Thread: Gaggia Evolution...problems

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    Gaggia Evolution...problems

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    I am just new to the site and need some help/advice. I have a Gaggia Evolution manual machine which is about 7 years old now. It still makes a good coffee but the steamer is playing up on us. It seems to steam for a few seconds and then it dies off. It is like there is something stopping the steam from coming through....It also starts steaming through the coffee valve. When I try to froth the milk it only warms the milk. Not sure what the problem is. I was hoping someone might be able to help shed some light......Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Gaggia Evolution...problems

    When was the last time it was de-scaled?

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    Re: Gaggia Evolution...problems

    [movedhere] General Coffee Related... [move by] Javaphile.

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