Hi there,

A new user here, looking for advice. At the moment I have a faulty Breville BarVista BES200 machine that is only 2.5 months old. It is leaking from a hole in the base. So, I intend to take it back to the retailer. However, this is the second time that Ive had to do this for exactly the same issue. So, Im pondering what my best move is.

There are probably 3 options from my point of view:
1) Take it back and get a direct replacement, i.e. another BES200.
2) Take it back and try and get them to change it for a similar model possibly a different manufacturer.
3) Take it back and try and get my money back.

The question really is, I know that this is the lower end of the price range here Im talking about a $200NZ - $240NZ machine. So the question really is what other models (possibly non-Breville?) that are worth looking at. Ideally Id like to go up-market a little, however I cant afford to do that right now. I had been planning to get an unpressurised filter etc. and then work my way towards better coffee and skills as I went. However this is my very first espresso machine and Im trying to just get going properly first.

Any advice greatly received! :-)