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Thread: Babby Gaggia

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    Babby Gaggia

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    Hi all
    I picked up a very unloved 2000 model Baby Gaggia for $5 at a garage sale, boy did it take some cleaning, lots of crap come out of it took about 2 hrs too clean but apart from the missing panarello it seems to pull good shots although I havnt got a 58mm tamper and its a bit hard trying to tamp with the bottom of a beer glass. My question is it seems to throw out a lot of steam when you hit the brew switch with out the portafilter handle on before the water come out. Is this normal ?I have a Sunbeam EM380 and it doesnt do that or is that the differnce between a thermoblock and a boiler unit

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    Re: Babby Gaggia

    Sorry Rob, for some reason we cant mention Baby Gaggia on here ::) :-?

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    Re: Babby Gaggia

    As you generally get an answer on CS very quickly, IMO the reason occasionally some questions go unanswered is because there is no one with an answer.

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