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Thread: Saeco Via Venezia gasket help

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    Saeco Via Venezia gasket help

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    Hi, Ive got a Saeco Via Venezia and it is leaking over the top of the group basket when I try to pull a shot. Ive recently purchased a non pressurised group head and maybe the higher pressure needed with my finer grind has highlighted that I need a new gasket.

    Anyway I tried to order one but the place was asking if my boiler was stainless steel or aluminium. Took the top off but I can only guess that it is aluminium as it is dull rather than shiny ... would that be a fair guess.

    Anyway, how do I get the gasket out?

    I think I may be over my head here. Maybe I should go out and get a SB6910??

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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia gasket help

    The model you have mentioned has a Stainless Steel boiler.......
    Apart from basket issue, how has it performed??

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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia gasket help

    The Via Venezia does have a Stainless Boiler but unfortunatley it has an aluminium head surround. I have found that if this is not cleaned well on a regular basis it will corrode. The seal/gasket/oring is really tough. I have replaced the surround on a couple of machines where the seal is still in good condition.

    Some of the other Saeco domestic machnes like the magic had an aliminium boiler but the Via Venezia has always been Stainless Stell to the best of my knowledge.


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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia gasket help

    Bervy how have u found it?? If u love it keep investigating to fix it but ifonly ok then think upgradeitis. We have all fallen for it at some time but the results and coffee has made the extra$$ worthwhile.

    bervy I just have one word (maybe slightly biased ;D) Silvia!!

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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia gasket help

    the early via venezia boilers were brass, but you dont often see them

    the via venezia will still be pulling good shots, well after the EM6910 has been sent back to china for recycling

    last year we did a seal kit in a saeco (brass boiler) that was 23 years old
    and regularly doing them in via venezias at 5-7 years old

    try giving the seal a good clean

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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia gasket help

    I just had mine serviced after having it for almost 8 years and it only cost $80. It was leaking out the steamer when on, so that price included parts.

    Maybe just get it serviced, save the hassle?

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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia gasket help

    I just got a new saeco via venezia and when I try to use it water pours out over the edge of the group handle / basket.

    I did the modification where I took the spring out to make it non-pressurized but the leaking occurred pre and post the modification.

    If I hold the group handle to the right the leaking doesnt occur, but the coffee is very thin with virtually no crema.

    Is there some trick to using it that Im missing.

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