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Thread: EM4800 warranty & age

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    EM4800 warranty & age

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi, all
    Been lurking as a guest for ages, decided to jump in.
    Picked up an em4800 as a machine *to take to work, Its bnib, old stock.
    Apparently from someone who shut down a retail outlet, selling a couple on evilbay.
    How do sunbeam handle warranty?
    Hopefully will not be an issue, was bought as a buy it now, for $105 inc delivery. But has been in storage since 2007
    Anyone any thoughts on this?


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    Re: EM4800 warranty & age

    Welcome Bill,

    As you didnt buy retail and it sounds like you dont have a tax invoice, I would think that the chances of any warranty on your purchase would be about zip....

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    Re: EM4800 warranty & age

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs Bill,

    I agree with Chris.

    Sunbeam are not as nice as they used to be about 18 months ago.
    Now they pretty much go by the book.

    Current retail price is around $200 from what I can research.
    You got a good deal.
    Put the $100 you saved aside towards the purchase of your next machine, look after this one and put the money you save on not buying coffee into the kitty as well.

    At $3 a takeaway youll have saved the price of the machine in 3 months.
    After that youre in front.

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    Re: EM4800 warranty & age

    Hi maniac_au,

    i use to own one of these and still do as a back up machine. ;)
    They are quite good for what they are. Just remember to keep it clean.
    i have mine in storage but still take it out once in a while to see if it still works. Also to compare it to its bigger brother the em6910 which i now use ;D

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    Re: EM4800 warranty & age


    Might actually get a tax invoice with it,however cant really complain at the price (I hope I do get one though).
    Have got an Auto @ home which my wife likes,(clean,no grounds everywhere, etc)
    Not too impressed by the quality of the ABS plastic myself...


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