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Thread: Steam through brew head Baby Gaggia

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    Steam through brew head Baby Gaggia

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    Have asked this question before but got no response so maybe no one know. When I press the brew switch i get a lot of steam for about 10 sec before the water come through. Is this normal? Steam is causing moisture to gather in the top of the machine and caused a short in the wiring some where, although I cant see any damage and it still works but I am now wary about using it. Can anyone help. Machine was s/h I got for next to nothing so I dont have any idea if this is normal.
    Thank :)

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    Re: Steam through brew head Baby Gaggia

    Hi Robert,

    If you are steaming your milk first you need to then purge the steam from the steam wand until hot water comes out. This basically removes the steam from the boiler and gives you hot water for the head. you may still get a little steam from the head but this is fairly normal.

    Hope this helps


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