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Thread: unpressurised baskets for EM3800

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    unpressurised baskets for EM3800

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello all. Just starting out in espresso coffee making with the Sunbeam EM3800 so not expecting too much (from the machine nor myself) *;D A couple of people have said to replace the pressurised filter baskets with unpressurised ones. Advice was also to get at mininum the Sunbeam EM0450 as a grinder however I acquired a used Delonghi KG100 from the inlaws so want to see how I go with that (yet to try).
    Are non pressurised baskets the way to go for a beginner and if yes, where can I source baskets (new or second hand) to fit my machine and at what cost? Thanks in advance! Sue

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    Re: unpressurised baskets for EM3800

    I have been looking over the threads and it seems the krupps 907163 double basket should be ok for sunbeam machines. Has anyone else done this swap successfully on the Sunbeam EM3800? I read a couple of posts where the user had problems with the interchange into a different sunbeam model (to do with the lip on the sunbeam pressurised basket but no lip on the Krupps nonpressurised basket). Should this be a relatively starightforward swap over or do you forsee problems?

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