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Thread: Wet puck

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    Wet puck

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    How to elimiate wet puck?

    I have Breville 800ES + unpressurised basket but still getting wet puck after the extraction.

    Or is this impossible as you need a machine with a solenoid valve??

    Dont think my entry level espresso machine has this :-?

    Although its dryer than using the original pressure basket I can see some water on top.

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    Re: Wet puck

    If I grind too fine even my machine has some water on top of the puck occasionally.

    Does it matter?

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    Re: Wet puck

    Overdosing helps a bit
    Tried flattening the shower screen and filling the gap behind it to reduce the amount of water left behind and still couldnt get a nice dry puck.
    Had the same thoughts about the lack of a relief valve.
    That was one of the reasons I changed to the 6910

    Quote Originally Posted by 516D706B616077626A61050 link=1266963711/1#1 date=1266965788
    Does it matter? *
    Well.... its so much nicer tapping out a dry puck

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    Re: Wet puck

    hi styla

    I have the same machine as you with the unpressurized basket - I generally get a nice dry puck which drops out with a decent tap but occasionally I get water but not too much.

    Tried different dose and grind settings?

    If it tastes good in the cup then im happy.

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    Re: Wet puck

    As shawty said....its so much nicer tapping out a dry puck :)

    nonetheless it tastes great now.

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