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Thread: Pre-Infusion on a Saeco Via Venezia :)

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    Pre-Infusion on a Saeco Via Venezia :)

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    Hello again everyone :)

    So Ive been playing around with my machine every night after uni/work, to avoid study, and I read somewhere about pre-infusion techniques on a Silvia, and thought I could apply such methods with my Via Venezia...

    It only took one go, and Ive been completely converted to only pulling shots like this now ;D Its amazing how much more body each shot has!

    Anyway... Enough text, heres a video of a shot I pulled tonight. The bottomless handle helps show whats happening, and how much youre pre-infusing, as different methods result in a varying amount of dripping from the basket before pulling the rest of the shot at full pressure.

    Some more detail on technique is on the Youtube page.


    Nader :)

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    Re: Pre-Infusion on a Saeco Via Venezia :)

    Vid looks good nader, watch ya distribution though, little bit of channelling there, this is a recently discussed topic raised by Greg Wormald, its a technique thats been around for a while but its improved my shots and those of many other forum members drastically ....have a read (original article link below)

    Gregs topic here

    WDT Home-barista Article here

    Best of luck

    PS ive subscribed to your Youtube channel, jump on mine if you like, we should get more CSs subscribing to each other ;)


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    Re: Pre-Infusion on a Saeco Via Venezia :)

    maybe the the apron is helping? :P

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