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Thread: First machine & Grinder...

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    First machine & Grinder...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi All, First post here - after much reading and learning. This is a wonderful resource *:)

    Just picked up my first espresso machine and grinder. Went with a simple Breville Cafe Roma and Sunbeam EM0480 grinder. Got em both at Myers in the sales... was looking at the sunbeam cafe late and also the saeco via venezia but went with the brevile because of reading a few articles with simple adjustments to make to overcome some of the short comings. In the end it was clear on my budget no machine was going to be perfect *>:( *Ill be ordering the manual basket for it for sure!

    Made my first espresso unfortunately with beans bought from the supermarket - even though I know better it was all I could get today and knew I would want to at least try it out tonight!! *;D

    Started with the grinder on 15 which is at the coarser end of the scale for espresso and it was a bit weak so I will make it finer for the next cup!

    The search now begins for freshly roasted beans looks like there are a couple of roasters within about 20 min drive, one of which offers various coffee courses so that might be worth looking into...

    Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and Thanks for the resource really - if anyone has roaster recomendations on the NSW central coast then Id love to hear and also online ordering sites with a good reputation...


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    Re: First machine & Grinder...

    Hi Callum. Welcome and congrats on your purchase.

    Quote Originally Posted by 21030E0E170F620 link=1275477737/0#0 date=1275477737
    de my first espresso unfortunately with beans bought from the supermarket - even though I know better
    ;D Yeah, at least its all going to get better from here.

    I dont about the NSW Central Coast, but its easy to order online and get GREAT!!! coffee from some of the site sponsors (I can personally recommend Cuppacoffee and Di Bartoli), as well as from Andy - see top left - BeanBay (Buy Brown). The Espresso Wow will blow you away! Fresh roasted and to you in a day or two.

    Check out the locals but. Its all experience, and coffee course(s) would be a good idea.

    Enjoy the journey.


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    Re: First machine & Grinder...

    Cheers Greg, I have just ordered 500g of Espresso Wow!

    Coffees in the house this morning were well received even though the beans are shite!

    Next item on the list is that un presurised basket...

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