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Thread: Advice on buying a used machine?

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    Advice on buying a used machine?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all. Ive been lurking on CS for a while reading things and am finally ready to think about buying a decent machine. I have a grinder - not the best one, but itll do until I get a decent starter machine and convince hubby that we should then invest in a better grinder to go with it.

    Ive been looking at machines on ebay (mostly used) and GraysOnline trying to find an affordable Gaggia or Silvia machine. First question is - any advice on
    a) other brands to look at
    b) which models of those to look for - in particular it seems there are a number of Gaggias out there at reasonable prices but not sure if there are any I should stay away from

    Second question is, if I am going to get a used machine, other than asking if it has been regularly cleaned and serviced, what should I look for? I know some with aluminum boilers have issues when they get older if they arent used ... anything else?

    Any and all advice welcome! Oh yeah, my spending range is preferably around the $300 mark but tops of $500. And yes I have looked thru the classifieds here but didnt see anything in my range for sale right now. Ill keep watching there too!

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    Re: Advice on buying a used machine?

    In short...

    Update ya profile as to location and then go and see teh closest Sponsor...

    Without a solid background in Coffee and coffee machines... Auctions are not the best step forward..

    Have a chat to a sponsor.. Sales and Service.... Worth more than a few dollars saved on line.


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    Re: Advice on buying a used machine?

    In this area (sub $500) dont do it to yourself, machines in this price bracket are appliances and are designed with a limited lifespan. Except maybe the following couple. Gaggias are a maybe too but as they are aluminium boilers unless you know the history well avoid them.

    You mention you have a grinder, what make and model?

    Minimum models to look for might be the Silvia but they tend to hold their value and will be over the $500. What might make some more sense would be a Nemox / Lelit dual grinder/machine. There has been a few of those sold here for around the $400ish and they are good and tough and make a better than average coffee.

    Apart from that you may be throwing your money down the sink if you are unlucky.

    good luck with your looking. :)

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