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Thread: Delonghi Metropolis

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    Delonghi Metropolis

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi All,

    does anyone own or have any information on the delonghi Metropolis (1385)? cant find a decent review on the web for it.
    i am looking at a machine to last a year or two whilst i save up to something alot better that can pull a good espresso, how would this compare to a sunbeam crema, i know that they are a different RRP but i can get the delonghi for the same sort of price.



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    Re: Delonghi Metropolis

    That machine is really pretty crap for the money it seems to cost.

    Based on the steam wand alone its not going to micro foam well if you care about milk drinks.

    The Sunbeam/breville would be better/cheaper. Get an ikon if you can find one & buy an un-presurised basket and place some cash down on a really good grinder. In fact get a quality grinder and buy a $99 thermoblock based Sunbeam/breville if all else fails.

    The Grinder is really important to sort out. I encourage you to spend up on it first, you wont regret it.

    Getting fresh roasted beans into nice even little particles packed and tamped correctly into the basket does most of the work for a good espresso.

    The machine can only work with the basket of goodies you feed it. If its a basket of poo then you get nothing but, poo coffee no matter how expensive the machine (the poo coffee remark had no offence intended to Kopi Lowak traders who might later try to spam this thread). ;D

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    Re: Delonghi Metropolis

    Thanks for that, I thought that may be the case considering that where i saw them they are marked down to $220 from the RRP of $500. Ive pretty decided on a cheap sunbeam for now and a compak k3 or anfim/eca grinder.

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