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Thread: Breville professionl 800 collection?????

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    Breville professionl 800 collection?????

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Is this a good machine to make flatwhites and easy and fast to use?


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    Re: Breville professionl 800 collection?????

    Its going to be able to make them (flat whites). Its simple.

    Its not going to be any better than the cheaper single thermo block sunbeam or brevilles, just looks slighty more bling. So if you dont care about that just spend the money on a grinder instead.

    Being a single thermoblock its not what you call fast to crank out mulitple coffees.

    How they good they are is up to the grinder and your basket prep (You need an un-pressurised one) and most importantly the use of freshly ground and freshly roasted beans.

    If you buy supermarket beans or pre-ground then say hello to stale coffee. It doesnt matter how good you machine is or how much it costs, you cant turn lead into gold.

    The two key points for Good coffee in any form to make it really pretty easy to achieve at home :
    1)Freshly roasted beans, the secret to all things awesome. Flavour, body and crema.
    2)Fresh ground (just before you make each coffee and just enough for each coffee) Ground stuff starts getting stale really fast (minutes).

    Have a read through the forum and things will become clear ;D

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