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Thread: Before you buy cheap espresso machine buy a decent grinder.

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    Before you buy cheap espresso machine buy a decent grinder.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    (Its been an interesting weekend, pairing a mazzer mini with my sunbeam - while some have said that they speak different dialects, Ive been drinking the best espresso ive ever had - making sure the machine is running hot (doing the steam for a few mins trick mentioned above).

    While the SB and smaller boiler machines may have shortcomings with speed/steam production etc etc, its shown me that the grind is the key factor. As long as the water is delivered at a reasonably consistent temp and pressure, and as long as youve got the distribuition and tamp down pat, its cool - but getting a good grind seems to be the key. With my old delonghi, espresso was good, not great. With the mini maz, its been amazing!)

    This post from MattyJ in 2005 should be required reading for all prospective first time Espresso machine purchasers who dont realise that investing in a decent grinder is probably 80% of the battle won. ;)

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    Re: Before you buy cheap espresso machine buy a decent grinder.

    Showed this fact to a friend recently with his Sunbeam 6910 & 0480 combo. I popped over with my Eureka Mignon to show him how an improved grinder effects things.

    Not suprisingly, very noticable improvement in flavour between grinders, both dialed in spot on. The Mignon has consistant particle size going its way and a distinct lack of the dust the Sunbeam cranks out. Not to mention its a damn side quieter and retains far less grinds.

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