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Thread: Via Venezia steam wand

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    Via Venezia steam wand

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    Hey guys, im looking to get a new coffee machine and after reading some reviews the Via Venezia is looking like a good choice for entry level.

    What i am wondering is if you can take off the cover that is on the steam wand? I want to make good texturised milk for latte art and im thinking the steam wand cover might get in the way?

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    Re: Via Venezia steam wand

    Quote Originally Posted by 2C272225232E4D0 link=1284326676/0#0 date=1284326676
    What i am wondering is if you can take off the cover that is on the steam wand?
    I do believe the part youre referring to is the "Pannarello frothing device" which looks like a crazy black tube?

    The website states that it is easily removable for cleaning, so i assume its like most frothing attachments which come with entry level machines, may help some, but hinder many so just take it off.

    Hopefully there will be a demo model in store when you go to buy it and you get to have a closer inspection!

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    Re: Via Venezia steam wand

    With the older VV with the previous type panarello (venturi assisted steam pipe) you could simply remove the outer sheath and use the inner pipe as a regular steam pipe with good results.

    With the new VV and its new or late style CANT do this. Well you can remove the outer, but you cant use the later type inner as a regular steam pipe.

    You can however buy the old type panarello as a spare part if you wish, slip off the new type, fit the older type straight on, and use that as above (it would take you less than a minute to remove one panarello and replace with the other).

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