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Thread: Descaling/Taking Care Of a Saeco Via Venezia

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    Descaling/Taking Care Of a Saeco Via Venezia

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    Hi everyone -

    First time post. I was inspired to buy a Saeco Via Venezia after reading these great forums.

    Ive had it for about 3 months now and am loving it. Ive been looking after it based on suggestions on this forum, including:
    - Running a shot of water through the grip handle/basket after making coffee
    - Steaming some hot water after frothing milk and wiping down the wand.

    I make about 2 cups of coffee a day, and think its about time for it to be descaled. Ive been putting off descaling because I want to do it right.

    Ive found a product called "Descale Magic" in Woolworths, which says it is suitable to use in coffee machines, but I thought Id check with this forum first. I dont want to damage my machine by using the wrong or dodgy product.


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    Re: Descaling/Taking Care Of a Saeco Via Venezia

    Ive tried that product and works well. Dont buy those fancy looking names in the net with outrageous prices.

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