Iíve had an EM5800 for a good 6 years now. Itís been good to me and Iíve only had to replace the collar once!

There are a couple of things that I havenít been able to work out.
About a year or two ago, the machine started making loud ticking noises. The tick gets louder each second when steaming the milk. The ticking stops after 30 seconds after which, the pump is back to its usual self. Thereís no noticeable change in steam pressure during this time.

The other thing that happens is if the ground is too fine and I tamp too much, the water will divert to the steam wand. Itís pretty silly and I guess this is due to wear and tear on the internal seals.
Can anyone confirm/explain the above?

As for cleaning Ė I do a descale every 6 months on this machine and has never had a backflush (I dont think you can do one on this machine anyway... can anyone confirm?

Up until recently, I ran some cafetto through the pressurised filter basket and attempted to do a backflush in a similar way as the em6910. As expected, there were no suds in the drip tray, but I was glad the filter basket got a good clean. The water that came out of the PF was brown and murky. Iím surprised with how much better the coffee taste now from the EM5800 after the basket flush.