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Thread: Saeco Via Venezia steam wand

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    Saeco Via Venezia steam wand

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    Hey, first time here and I have a quick question about the Vias steam wand: can you change it?
    Im a fairly decent barista whos mastered micro-foam and is improving latte art, so I like to think Im capable at steaming milk. However, with the Venezias pannarello sleeve/attachment the milk expanded to almost triple its volume in just a few seconds >:( I took the attachment off, and was left with a small plastic thing with a tiny opening. Although this is successful at foaming milk, it is too short to reach into the jug.
    Is it possible to get a new steam wand for the Saeco Via Venezia? If yes, what kind, where can I get it from and how do I go about attaching it?
    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia steam wand

    Hi there,

    Yes you can. Go to a Saeco service centre and ask for one of the older style pannarello for you Via Venezia. When you remove the outer sleeve you will have a longer steam wand with a single hole.

    It is simple to attach.


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