I own a Sunbeam EM4800 as a starter and have been doing a lot of reading at CS forums and learning a lot.
As my next step I am looking at Gaggia Classic or VV. Reading comparisons of these two machines at a number of sites including CS I need clarification of the following and hope someone would help me.

1. Classic now has new boiler half with heating elements that used to be aluminium in stainless steel. Does this part fit to the old models?
2. Does this mean one of the most talked about deficiency of the Classic that relates to corrosion is not an issue any more?
3. It seem Gaggia has been taken over by Saeco. it this true?
4. I raise this point as if I am correct VV parts are not readily available on the net. But currently Gaggia parts seem easy to get. Athough I see as at this date the Classic Stainless Steel Boiler part is out of stock everywhere.
5. Why are VV parts such as boilers, heating elements not available from independent parts suppliers?
6. Finally, would you agree a stainless steel/ brass combination Classic is a better machine than the VV?

Thanks in advance for any comments.