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Thread: Cafe Roma esp6 steam problem

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    Cafe Roma esp6 steam problem

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey all.
    Sorry if this questions has been answered before, I just cant seem to find an answer when I run a search!
    I recovered this machine from Dads storage the other day (is at least 4 years old), and the espresso function seems to work.
    However when I switch to steam, the pump starts up, but no steam - no matter how long its left on, the pump keeps pumping but no steam comes out... until I turn the steam off and a huge amount of steam comes out the bottom from the run off pipe to the drip tray.
    I opened it up and took the steam wand off. When I do that, steam and water comes out of the brass thing where you attach the steam wand to, but when I put the steam wand back on... nothing. The steam wand is clear too - no blockage in there.
    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Cafe Roma esp6 steam problem

    when youve turned the dial around to the steam, its generally running the boiler - thats why youre getting steam out of the tray when you switch off.
    I would have to say that the steam wand isnt clear. Have you tried blowing it out with compressed air? If it works from the attachment point, it can only be the wand yeah?
    Good luck

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