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Thread: Need advice on Sunbeam PU5900

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    Need advice on Sunbeam PU5900

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post as I just joined.

    I must say first I do not have big budget for a manual coffee machine.

    I am interested in this one because of the sub $400 price and inclusion of a grinder.

    But having a 15 bar pump I am worried that this will be noisy when making coffee.

    I heard the more upmarket brother, the em6910, (also with a 15 bar pump) is very noisy.

    Has anyone tried this machine and let me know if it is very noisy?

    Thanks and regards


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    Re: Need advice on Sunbeam PU5900

    Welcome! Both machines are noisy.

    Out of those two options, I would go for the EM6910.

    Ive used a EM5900 before and think its quite painful to use (especially the wait time and the purging that needs to be done when you go from espresso to steaming).

    The EM6910 is easier to use but is a loud machine also. The great thing about these machines is that you can extract your coffee and then steam your milk at the same time.

    If you were to pick from these two machines, then I would go for the second one. Just make sure you follow maintainence procedures...

    Keep your eye out on the coffeesnobs for sale thread :)

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    Re: Need advice on Sunbeam PU5900

    I cant speak of the 6910, but I have a em5900 and em450 grinder.

    The pump can be a bit loud, but nothing unbearable. I think its a great package for the price. you can get some pretty decent coffee and nicely frothed milk after a bit of practise. A great entry into the world of coffeesnobbery (athough upgraditis kicks in quite quickly haha)


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    Re: Need advice on Sunbeam PU5900

    Quote Originally Posted by 62606767646D60757564010 link=1313398778/0#0 date=1313398778
    I heard the more upmarket brother, the em6910, (also with a 15 bar pump) is very noisy.
    I havent found the noise from the pump to be out of the ordinary at all.
    Its at the level where I dont really notice it as being overbearing.

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    Re: Need advice on Sunbeam PU5900

    Had the combo for 6 months myself. The noise from the grinder is much louder than the pump, so a bit of a moot point. The pump is not particularly loud anyway.

    The machine is fine, just takes slightly longer than a 6910 to switch from coffee to steam due to having one thermoblock instead of two. How big an issue that is depends on your use and volume of production. If, for example, you make one macchiato a day it becomes another moot point. Overall its pretty hard to fault for the price. You do have to find a non-pressurised basket to get best results, but that seems to be the case for most machines in this price range >:(.

    The grinder is ok but nothing great, a bit messy and holds a lot of grinds in the mechanism when finished (which then go stale and spoil your next cup), so a lot of banging and shaking required after each and every use to clear it out. Plus another minute or two cleaning up the grinds that went all over the kitchen bench.

    End of the day though, as said above, its a great bang for buck entry point that can make a decent coffee.

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