Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the working voltage in the electronic board of a saeco "s" class Incanto rondo machine about 5 years old. Something went bang inside and no lights come on anymore. I am not completely ignorant on the workings of the machine as I have had the machine apart in the last 2 years about 3 times for different reasons. I have checked the fuse on the board and the voltages going into the board seem to only be at around 8 volts? There are no burn marks around the board and I was actually wondering if the capacitor may be an issue? The capacitor has 5 terminals on it 2 X 240 volts (Live) 2 X negative (Approx 16Volts each) and an earth lead. If someone can point me to a good wiring diagram online then that may help immensely? Or maybe you have had the same issue. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am getting the shakes for missing my coffee in the morning and nights!! :D