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Thread: Gaggia Espresso Pure.... Pure Rubbish!!!

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    Gaggia Espresso Pure.... Pure Rubbish!!!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Yesterday I took delivery of my new Gaggia Espresso Pure and must say I am very disappointed with it
    Plastic for Africa!!!

    The portafilter handle has big chips out of it and looks as though it has already been used...
    The plastic frothing arm attachment which slips onto the wand falls off into the jug when frothing....even when sitting on the bench if you tap it lightly it will fall....just rubbish... it appears that a small o ring is supposed to keep it secure...pffft.

    I had to get out my double-sided tape and slap some underneath to prevent the whole machine wobbling on the bench...

    When this thing is filling cups it is rattling away and the drip try is really something else, just cheap & nasty..

    I will eventually fill this lemon with concrete and use it as a boat anchor..

    Now I can see why my handmade Elektra MicroCasa A Leva cost so much to buy when the likes of this thing is on the market in NZ for $425.00..
    All I wanted was a smallish machine to make quick espressos early in the mornings but all I have is something that should be tied up outside with my Rottweiler..

    I just cannot believe a company such as Gaggia can produce something like this for the world market!

    No I am not impressed and I suggest anyone considering buying one of these MUST go and look at not buy over the warned!! ;)

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    Re: Gaggia Espresso Pure.... Pure Rubbish!!!

    you sound pretty upset and rightly so.
    BUT it doesnt seem to make sense. ive never heard of a gaggia like yours or similar arriving in that kind of condition. i would ship it back and demand a replacement or money back.

    and yes, unfortunately these things do happen. buying from a site sponsor here means two things:
    1. you wont be sold rubbish
    2. if by some off chance you are, these guys and gals will take very good care of you to ensure you regain your happiness.

    i wonder what your internet vendor will do for you? hopefully it is a good outcome though.

    good luck

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    Re: Gaggia Espresso Pure.... Pure Rubbish!!!

    yes I have complained and have been told a new pf handle and plastic milk frother will be sent...

    I am not a happy camper, however these thing happen I guess...

    on the bright side it does produce reasonable espresso... ::)

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