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Thread: Unpressurized and naked sunbeam 4800

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    Unpressurized and naked sunbeam 4800

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all, after reading a few other threads about the benefits of unpressurized I decided to try for myself. I can understand why pressurized is used... people who expect a good coffee with minimal effort. But for the rest of us who dont have $1500 to spend on the machines buy the cheaper stuff and make the most of it. Plus its a lot of fun!

    Anyway after a lot of grinding with a dremel I was able to remove the bottom layer in the porta filter. Trace a line with a pencil and then hold the dremel still as you turn the filter on a flat surface. Put on your sunnies to avoid sparks getting into your eyes! I really didnt want to go too far and make the cut go right through to the other side so I cut perhaps 3/4 of the way through and then used pliers to twist the metal around the outside and tear it at the cut. Go slow, regularly stop and check you havent cut too deep. It took about half an hour.

    For the group handle I followed the advice of another thread and drilled holes around the bottom, used the dremel to join up the holes. This was a replacement handle purchased from a service centre and is made of aluminium and is much lighter than the shinier handle that is supplied with the machine. I was surprised at how much material could be quickly removed with a file. After getting it flat I polished it up with another dremel attachment.

    The dremel can be purchased from Dick smith for $30, but the grinding disks are too flimsy. I managed to get a reinforced disk from a hobby exhibition.

    I can highly recommend doing this, it is much more entertaining and informative to watch the naked portafilter. Problems are easier to diagnose, I can see little spurts from individual holes sometimes, blonding and striping is much more obvious, no need to preheat the group handle anymore, can see the that the coffee is coming from not all the holes...

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    Re: Unpressurized and naked sunbeam 4800

    Nice home project :D

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    Re: Unpressurized and naked sunbeam 4800

    Wow, you made a really clean job of that portafilter. What does the pour look like?

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    Re: Unpressurized and naked sunbeam 4800

    Nice work Azathoth,

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs by the way..... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Im with 22a; need to post some piccies of pours with the new naked PF, ;)


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    Re: Unpressurized and naked sunbeam 4800

    Here are the pics.

    Still working out the bugs and adjusting grind, tamp and dose. This particular one was a slow pour with a bit of spitting as you can see in the pictures, the result was nice but a bit thin and bitter. Am grinding into a bowl, stirring to get rid of clumps, then filling the single basket all the way to the top, leveling off and tamping fairly hard. Ill drop the grind down a notch (0480) and see what happens. Comments or advice please.

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