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Thread: Another Newbie

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    Another Newbie

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi guys im a bit of a newbie to coffee making, I have always loved espresso coffee and enjoy making espressos with my stove top perculator but ive decided that its time to start getting a it more serious about it.

    Im looking at getting coffee machine for under $500 and after some research (not a lot) I decided on a Saeco Via Venezia with a Sunbeam EM0450. Is this a good grinder for this machine ? And is this machine a good starting point for a beginner ?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Another Newbie

    Hi Sully, and welcome to CoffeeSnobs!

    Im not sure if youve seen this link, but its worth having a quick look at.

    You might like to drop into the Grinders section here on CoffeeSnobs and have a read of some of the threads on the particular grinder youre interested in and drop a query there too.

    I notice in the above thread (in the tag-lines under their posts) that one of our CoffeeSnobs who owns a Saeco VV also has it paired with a Mini Mazzer which is an excellent prosumer grinder and will survive any eventual upgrade you make of the VV into prosumer espresso machine territory.

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    Re: Another Newbie

    Hi and welcome sully
    For similar money you can get a Nemox Dell Opera. A combo machine with grinder for $799

    http://(no free plug here)/nemox-dell-opera-p-106.html?osCsid=8fa27bfec8212dc51e7e436645f0d96a


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    Re: Another Newbie

    A friend has that combo and makes reasonable coffee, although she is not fussy about her procedures (and she uses skim milk--yuk!).
    If you go ahead, the coffee can be improved by modifying the portafilter to be non-pressurised, --not a complex job if my reading is correct.


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