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Thread: Yet. Another. Newbie.

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    Yet. Another. Newbie.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    So good afternoon to you all; I only found CS a couple of weeks ago, while searching for information about my inherited machine: a Breville 800ES. Got it from my Dad, who busted the brass steam elbow while trying to clean it. Hes a bit all thumbs sometimes, but at the massive cost of $8.50 for a replacement, plus 15 minutes fitting it, I wasnt about to say no!

    Anyhow, Ive learned a whole lot already just from browsing, and I hope to learn more as I experiment and grow with this new beast.

    I have Plans:
    - remove the plastic insert from the PF (and block small hole with small bits of stainless hardware)
    - start using non-pressurised filters from the Bar Italia (ESP4) -- parts on order
    - get a good "starter" grinder (looking at the Sunbeam ES0480)
    - practice, practice, practice!

    At the moment, Im using pre-ground from my local roaster (Peak Coffee), though having read the "rule of 3s", I cant wait to get my own grinder and try that out.

    One question I have is about cleaning these annoying pressurised baskets; Dad made a lot of pre-ground "hazelnut" or "mudslide" flavoured coffee in this machine, and running the PF and basket without any grounds is still turning out brownish, nasty-smelling water and the occasional fines. If I do this a few times, I can even see what looks like residual oils oozing back up through the holes in the basket!

    Im trying the "soak in vinegar overnight" thing -- but is there any better way to clean these things out? (thinking no, short of destroying them).

    Whew, this turned into a bit of a ramble. Good to be here, though! You guys are mines of information.

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    Re: Yet. Another. Newbie.

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    Get your hands on some "Caffetto" for cleaning.

    A lot of the site sponsors <<<<<<<<<<<---------- carry it.

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    Re: Yet. Another. Newbie.

    Thanks! Is that the "Espresso Clean" stuff? Or one of the other more "home" oriented varieties?

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    Re: Yet. Another. Newbie.

    Hi there 5MeoCMP,
    I had one of these machines for a couple of years (now the old man has it) before i upgraded. I to used to be concerned with cleaning the pressurised basket and used vinigar, metho and all the other usual suspects. I then modified the basket by cutting the bottom off and found that none of these methods had done anything, i just dont think there is enough agitation between the two layers for any cleaning solution to be truly effective, i would just wait until your new baskets arrive. You will actually find the coffee is better because your grind will have to be more accurate, with the pressurised basket grind was not such an issue as this system dilutes the different variables effects on shot time etc.

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    Re: Yet. Another. Newbie.

    Ok, thanks James, that matches with what Im seeing (or, rather, not seeing) in the bowl of hot vinegar tonight -- not a sign of even the tiniest smudge of colour coming from the filters.

    Ill bide my time until the new baskets arrive :)

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