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Thread: Krups baskets for Breville 820:which Krups machin

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    Krups baskets for Breville 820:which Krups machin

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    Hi snobs....

    First post.

    I have a Breville 820. I know from surfing the site about the nonpressurised basket issue with this machine. I know the model no.s of the krups baskets to get: but my supplier needs to know which Krups Machine they come from.

    Can anyone help.

    Thanks "snobs"!

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    Re: Krups baskets for Breville 820:which Krups mac

    I phoned Breville in Sydney, *1300 139 798, asked for a
    "ESP4/51 coffee filter 1-2 cup",
    paid $9 each and $10 postage over the phone and they sent it up the next day. (actually I bought three, as the postage stayed at $10, as Xmas presents for my son, his parents in law who put me onto the 800, and for me).

    The filter is great, it fits beautifully and has a tapered bottom, which holds slightly less grounds, and if you leave it attached to the group head for a minute or two after pulling the shots, the puck dries and *drops out nice and clean.

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