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Thread: Via Venezia "self tamping"

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    Via Venezia "self tamping"

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    Hi all,

    Please excuse me if this has already been discussed somewhere (I did search the forum!)

    A mate new to barista-ing just got given a Via Venezia. I thought hed need a tamper as a gift but the Via Venezia supposedly is a self tamping machine! (WTF!)

    So is this for real?
    Ive read about converting to a non-pressurised system - but as a noob I dont know if hell want to mess with it.

    I guess my question is does he need a tamper of not!
    and maybe I can sway him to*depresurize the group handle later...

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    Re: Via Venezia "self tamping"

    I just googled Via Venezia and didnt find anything regarding a "self tamping" feature, it does have a pod adaptor so if he is using pods then he wouldnt have to tamp. There are machines out there such as starbucks barista espresso maker which claim to use water pressure (yikes) to tamp the puck. Have never used those machines but cant think that water would give you better results than a tamper.

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    Re: Via Venezia "self tamping"

    When a friend bought one of these, the demonstrator used a tamper and mentioned how important a good tamp was.


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    Re: Via Venezia "self tamping"

    Quote Originally Posted by 2D2A3F3C5E0 link=1236415917/0#0 date=1236415917
    Via Venezia supposedly is a self tamping machine!
    Where did this comment come from?
    Your friend or someone else?

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    Re: Via Venezia "self tamping"

    The via venezia has a pressurised portafilter as opposed to a pressurised filter basket

    this thread may help in the search of an unpressurised portafilter

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    Re: Via Venezia "self tamping"

    If you depressurize the group handle then you definitely need a fitted metal tamper. *This will result in much better coffee.

    If you use the existing pressurized group handle, I still found it needed some light tamping in order to achieve a decent extraction. *A plastic tamper is probably sufficient for this, though not ideal.

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    Re: Via Venezia "self tamping"

    Yes the machine has a fitted tamper right next to the portafilter. What you need to do is to press upwards to pack your grounded beans. Id probably recommend that you purchase a seperate tamper so that it can be done properly.

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    Re: Via Venezia "self tamping"

    I dont think the VV has a built-in tamper.

    What self-tamping probably means is simply that the group head creates the pressure for you, rather than you tamping. It is not ideal, for best results pull the pressure thing out* and get a 53mm metal tamper (I paid $60)

    * Warning! Once you pull the stuff out, the handle wont spring anymore, but this makes absolutely no difference. The springing is the single-most strange feature I have ever seen and you absolutely dont need it at all. I pulled my group head apart and even with lavazza (blue packet) and a good hard tamp you can get nice shots.

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