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Thread: DeLonghi Icona (ECO310) crema issues

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    DeLonghi Icona (ECO310) crema issues

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    Hi all. This is my first post here so my apologies if this is in the wrong section.

    I recently bought myself a DeLonghi Icona (ECO310) which Im reasonably happy with although I think I can get much better crema from the machine than I do currently and a longer shot before it pales out. Im freshly grinding my beans and have experimented with the consistency of the grind. Im also using Arabica beans.

    Having spent the last few days studying the art of espresso I think the problem lies in the tamping and how packed the coffee is as the resulting puck always has several clear holes in it rather then the water filtering through evenly.

    Now Ive tried using the default built-on tamper (and ordered a standalone one) however my feeling is that the rubber seal around the inside of the pressurised portafilter is preventing the center section of the coffee from being packed correctly as the tamper will only tamp down to the rubber causing the outsied to be packed tightly but the center to be lose. Ive tried loading the middle with more coffee than the outside before tamping but to no avail.

    I then discovered that a pressurised portafilter probably isnt the best solution if I want to be getting the best out of the machine so I tried my old Krups machines basket but its too deep.


    My questions are:

    1. Am I likely to be on the right course here?
    2. Has anyone ripped out the rubber and crema fantasticator of doom device on one of their baskets? Is it easy?
    3. The rubber on the double basket seems to be a lot less. Im thinking perhaps half-loading this basket instead would cause a more even distribution and packing?

    Ive attached some pics for reference.

    Any help at all is greatly received! *;)

    EDIT: Ive just answered question 2 for myself; the cap under the basket unscrews and that removed the rubber gasket inside the basket, however the gasket wraps around the filter section. Removing the filter section from the gasket could work but then theres a gap between the filter and the basket wall. :-/ I have yet to try it out without gasket but will report back when I do (probably a couple of hours knowing my coffee schedule during a work day) :P

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    Re: DeLonghi Icona (ECO310) crema issues

    As an update, I found out that the plastic "crema device" under the basket simply unscrews, however this then loosens the rubber gasket and filter. If the gasket is removed theres a gap between the filter and the edge of the basket which would result in grinds in the pour.

    So I now have to accept that either I have adequate cups of coffee rather then nice ones or Ive wasted money on the machine and will have to buy a new one instead.

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    Do you end up solving the issue?

    I have the same machine and the same issue

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    Get rid of the standard basket and use a basket from a Sunbeam or Breville, it should fit. Ideally you want a single wall basket and a good grinder, I've made decent coffee on this machine with a single wall basket. It takes some work but it's achievable.

    It does also come down to a case of throwing good money after bad, the machine is limited by it's hardware and you may be better investing in a more capable machine.

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