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Thread: Breville 800ES or Ikon

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    Breville 800ES or Ikon

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all i am on the verge of purchasing a coffee machine and i can stretch the budget further from a Roma.

    Would you guys recommend the 800ES, Ikon or just the Roma? Are they functionally the same cos if there is no major difference beteeen the Roma and the higher machines ill just go the Roma.

    I have read the forums completely and will get the Sunbeam Grinder EM450.


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    Re: Breville 800ES or Ikon

    Hi Alan,

    I am replacing a Cafe Roma (been a good entry level machine for a couple of years) and am looking at the Ikon. *Im no expert, but from my searching, I know the Ikon model is a) discontinued and therefore may be getting harder to locate, and b) a boiler type machine. *The 800 series (and Cafe Roma, I believe) are Thermoblock machines. *I would assume this would be a key functional point of difference. *Cant answer exactly what the pros/cons of each style is, but I get the distinct impression that having the boiler is a plus!


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    Re: Breville 800ES or Ikon

    Ikons are good little units but, discontinued.

    There are still some floating around

    googled this?

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