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Thread: Coffee maker retailers in China - Xiamen

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    Coffee maker retailers in China - Xiamen

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    Hello Coffeesnobs

    Im alessandro and Ive just started reading your interesting discussions on coffee brewing techniques and equipments

    Im a Italian expat and Ive been living in Xiamen China for 4 months and plan to stay other 2 or 3 years

    as any Italian would do, after 4 months here I start missing my espressos, so I do need to buy a coffee maker asap! Do any of you know where in China I can buy a maker like Silvia ? I saw lots of Rancilio in coffe shops in Xiamen, even some Victoria Arduino and La Cimbali, so there must be also the retailers somewhere...

    thanks in advance for any help


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    Re: Coffee maker retailers in China - Xiamen

    Hi and welcome Alessandro

    Ive only travelled to Yunnan which is the heart of the coffee growing region in China. I saw one dedicated coffee-equipment shop in Dali (old town) so I imagine there would be others in other cities. The shop sold a range of devices, most seemed to be of Chinese manufacture and unknown quality. But the guest house where I stayed in Dali used a made-in-China machine and was quite drinkable but they were using freshly roasted Yunnan coffee. I couldnt tell you the brand of the machine.

    You might want to send a PM to Coffee Snob Epic 76 who lives in HK. He may provide some "local knowledge" advice.

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