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Thread: Gaggia Steam Knob

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    Gaggia Steam Knob

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    Hi All,

    Hope Im posting this in the right place.

    The Steam Knob on my Gaggia Espresso Machine broke this week, and dispite attempts with superglue, doesnt seem to be fixable.

    Does anyone know of anywhere in Australia where I can get a replacement knob? Ive found somewhere in the US which will ship the knob, but by the time Ive paid for postage etc its looking like $50, which seems a bit steep.

    The espresso machine is an old one, looks like this . Sorry dont know a model number or anything.

    Can anyone help me out?



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    Re: Gaggia Steam Knob

    You should be able to use a knob from a electronic retailer like Jaycar or spare plarts place. Its a standard imperial / 1/4 " type knob mount. circle with one side milled flat. should only cost a few dollars at most for similar knob. (DONT buy metric, its different has star shape push on mount) AT&SUBMIT.x=30&SUBMIT.y=10

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