Hi All,

I am relatively new to this site and the world of coffee machines and would really appreciate some advice.*

I was given a rancilio roberto coffee machine over the weekend.* Tried it and nothing at all worked, figured out it was the water level sensor and have essentially adjusted it to always think there is water in the reservoir.*

Long story short got 2X coffees out of it and was then running the pump a lot trying to see if I could figure out when the pressure tank was full, and all of a sudden the pump just started on its own (and never stopped)!! Any attempt to actually turn it on blew the fuse on the house!* I am not bad with electronics and the active wire is leaking into the earth on the pump. hence completing the circuit without the switchs being pressed.* I think it is apparent that I need a new pump!*

Anyway now I am finally getting to the point, (unless people do not think I need a new pump) what pump can I get to replace it?* Can I just use an Ulka Ex5/ep5 (by the way what is the difference between the ex5 and ep5?)?* Or would people recommend something different?* I know little about the pumps.* Will I need a few adaptors as well?

A link to photos of the pump is here:

As for the machine just ask and I can upload some photos of it too..

Thanks for any advice