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Thread: Tecnosystem magic coffee

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    Tecnosystem magic coffee

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Has anyone had any experience with these?

    I picked one up very cheap in good condition and from the only disassembly/review of one that Ive found, the parts are actually quite good quality.

    Ill have it in the kitchen by tomorrow, and will be giving it a try then. It may become my work machine as I tend to drink long blacks during the day, and this has a hot water tap rather than a steam one.

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    Re: Tecnosystem magic coffee

    Turns out its pod/ground coffee machine but I only have the pod basket for it... But, at $55 NZD its a pretty good deal - its effectively an Ascaso dream with better quality parts inside. If anyone has a spare 57mm basket that would fit an ascaso/lelit/pavoni then Id really appreciate it. This machine is going in my girlfriends office so I can have decent coffee when I visit ;->

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