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Thread: Breville 800ES and Puck Suction

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    Breville 800ES and Puck Suction

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    Ive had the 800ES for around 4 weeks and the past few days have experienced the puck sucking onto the shower screen when I remove the handle. It does surprise you when you remove the handle and see nothing there and then suddenly, the puck falls down and makes a bloody mess...

    The pucks have usually been quite dry, stay inside the basket and knock out easily.

    The unit is paired with the Smartgrinder and I use the Krups single wall double shot basket. I have the grinder dialled in and havent adjusted the dose, grind or beans.

    After extraction, I remove the handle, flush, wipe the shower screen to clean so Im not sure why this has started.

    Has anyone experienced this with the 800ES before?

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    Re: Breville 800ES and Puck Suction

    with the 820 I occasionally got some of the puck sticking to the screen. I think I was dosing too much so when it expanded, it did so into the shower screen holes.

    If youre dosing "the same as always" then perhaps changes in the bean or grind have caused it to expand more than usual? Just guessing :)

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