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Thread: Presso or Breville 800ES?

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    Presso or Breville 800ES?

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    Hi all,

    I am new and was hoping to get some advice here. I am indecisive of what I should get between the two. A few non-sponsors are having a deal with the Breville coupled with the BCG450 grinder. Was thinking of getting a Breville BCG800 smart grinder if Im getting the Presso. What should I get? How are they in terms of reliability as I will be leaving Aussie to a place where both brands are not sold?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Presso or Breville 800ES?

    In either case skip the BCG450 - its not fine enough for anything but perhaps plungers, especially if youre going to go the path of unpressurised baskets, fresh beans, etc. The smart grinder is excellent - see if they can do a deal on that, it will handle many machines above the 800ES.

    Presso or Espresso? Theyre different, sure. I would find somewhere you can taste them both, as they are different. How many do you want to make at a time, what about milk, etc. Presso is surely simpler than a Breville, which may help with breakages if youre out of "range". Ive never tasted a presso so I dont know for sure.

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    Re: Presso or Breville 800ES?

    I can personally tell you that the BCG800 works fine with the Presso, it is the exact two that I am using at present.

    Weve always loved what the Presso produces.

    The interesting thing about the BCG800 with the Presso is that I am using a much finer grind with it than for the BES900.

    Given those two choices I would go with the Presso :)

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