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Thread: EM3500 and pre-infusion

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    EM3500 and pre-infusion

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    HI guys. I attempted to search for posts about pre-infusion as this is another topic not quite clear in my head. The thread I spent the most time reading ironically had nothing to do with the why of pre-infusion, only whether or not this should be counted towards brew time.

    I would like some education regarding these thoughts:

    It seems that maybe pre-infusion is about two things.
    1) soak a little water into the grounds and they puff up and out, potentially reducing the channeling.
    2) soak a little water int the grounds and start the brewing process to make it tease oils out of them a little better when the real pour starts.

    Tell me something more. Tell me something different. Tell me something true... or mostly true... or potentially true...

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    Re: EM3500 and pre-infusion

    Oh yeah... this applies to the em3500 because:

    in an effort to... do something... I figured it wouldnt hurt to switch it to pour for 2 seconds, ease it back for 5 seconds (no, Im not being precise or scientific; Im just throwing out figures) and then pour the shot.

    Yes, the response that often rings most true is: whatever tastes good is good. However,

    1) I would like to understand WHY;
    2) Ive been too flat out to do more than pour my coffee these days and so I havent had a moment to spare for experimentation; and
    3) Im cheap. This must be growing increasingly obvious... must be the Dutch heritage or something...

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    Re: EM3500 and pre-infusion

    Ive got the EM3800 and have tried similar methods to this in the past. I actually found the crema was worse for doing so. YMMV

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