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Thread: Difference between cheap Breville Machines

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    Difference between cheap Breville Machines

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    Hey Guys,

    I already have a Cafe Roma, and im not planning on changing any time soon. But I was just looking on the breville website, and there is another machine called the Cafe Modena for $10 RRP more than the Cafe Roma. and i honestly can not work out the difference between them apart from cosmetics. Anyone have any ideas?

    Then there is the Barvista. $10 RRP less than the Cafe Roma, It looks slightly smaller? but features seem to be the same. Would i be correct in saying that these machines probably perform almost identically?

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    Re: Difference between cheap Breville Machines

    The Cafe Roma and Modena - yep exactly the same, just cosmetic difference.
    THe BarVista - dont quote me on this, but Im pretty sure functionally it and roma and modena would be identical.

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