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Thread: Breville Seconds Store at Tingalpa

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    Breville Seconds Store at Tingalpa

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all, I dropped into the above shop yesterday and was astounded at how cheap espresso machines and grinders were! 800ES for $170 and the next model up for $250 instead of $600. Bcg800 smart grinder was $169! These come with breville 12 months warranty. Store manager explained that some machines were brand new but had damaged boxes. Some were warranty repairs. Some looked used and some were brand new still in original packaging! Only thing is warranty requires product to be returned to the shop.

    If you live in or around Brisbane, its worth checking out!

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    We bought a Cafe Roma there and the first one didnt work, didnt have the right bits etc (I think it must be the busted up old one they constantly try to get rid of). They swapped it out no question and our replacement unit has been fine.

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