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Thread: Gaggia Classic Determining Age

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    Gaggia Classic Determining Age

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    Im about to take the first step in venturing from my Sunbeam Crema, what Ive come to accept is a novelty espresso machine to something a little more reputable in the way of a used Gaggia Classic.

    Ive found this machine going for just under $200 online and Im going to inspect and test it tomorrow hopefully. My concern is, I have no way to be sure just how old the machine is. All I can tell is that its in brushed stainless and has the name screen printed rather than 3d badge on the front.

    Are there any Gaggia enthusiasts out there who can narrow down year of manufacture based on what I have provided, or anything else I should look at? Also, what are common faults I am likely to encounter with an ageing machine?

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Determining Age

    Hi Degrees. There should* a label at the base of the machine telling you month and year of manufacture. I have 2 machines with the black screen print on the front. One is 2001 and the other is 2003. My brother has the raised chrome Gaggia badge and it is a 2005 machine. I hope this helps.
    Some site sponsors service the Gaggia Classics. One of mine was recently serviced by Di Bartoli and the cost is very reasonable.

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Determining Age

    Hi Degrees,

    Look for reduced water flow through the group head. Although there are a number of causes for this, the most costly to repair is scale in the boiler which is starting to jam up the 3 way solenoid. The older the machine and the more its been used in hard water areas, the higher the chance of this.


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    Re: Gaggia Classic Determining Age

    From my long experience, theyre a pretty robust machine. Apart from the usual group seal, the only weakness of the machine was the plastic group handle, which would crack and require replacement.

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