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Thread: BES400 help please

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    BES400 help please

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    Im new here, well new as in I have read the forums but never posted...til now.

    I need help with my BES400, it struggles to pump out a shot, it is lacking pressure. It still pumps steam fine.

    What I have tried so far is;
    non pressurised basket
    courser grind
    lighter tamp
    heavier tamp
    descaled and cleaned

    It is so frustrating as it still pumps steam, so heating milk is ok but that is no good to me without a shot of coffee?

    I had a look to pull it apart and, honestly, Im not that type of gal. My ability stopped when my kitchen screwdriver (I am a bit handy) didn't undo the screws.

    Now my worst case scenario (or best case?) is an upgrade to a Silvia V3, but I would like to delay, delay, delay as much as possible, I've just gone back to uni and I have a 6month old bub. I go back to work in a few months and if the Ikon/BES400 can limp along for a few more weeks/months then that would be financially very helpful. Unfortunately, I don't run without coffee so waiting is not an option. Im sure y'all can relate.

    Anyone got any ideas if the old gal can be saved/repaired? Id be ever so grateful.

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    Hmmm, the only thing that comes to my mind is, When was the last time you attempted a de-scale treatment?

    Failing that, I fear that your Ikon may be on it's last legs...

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    I'd have to agree with LAF, sounds like it's about to kark it. You've done just about everything most of us would have tried. Maybe try descaling again?

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    Hi LAF and Whowe,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer

    I have descaled twice in the last week, just in case I didn't do a good enough job first time round. It made no difference to the problem.

    I have accepted this is it, the final waltz has been danced and I have ordered a Silvia V3. So it's not all bad just crappy timing!

    So I now eagerly await the arrival of a shiny,new toy. The Silvia looked like the best option for great coffee sub $1000, it will be paired with a Smart Grinder. I know its still considered on here as entry level stuff, but its all I can afford right now and by all accounts should dish out some awesome coffee and last me along time too. I know the Silvia can be a bit tricky and I am willing to take the time to learn how to pull a good shot.

    I know if I struggle that you friendly people here will help me out.

    Thanks again for chiming in, its good to know that I wasn't writing the old machine off prematurely.

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