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Thread: Tamper and baskets for a Breville Ikon

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    Tamper and baskets for a Breville Ikon

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    Not 100% sure where to post this, so sorry if I've put it in the wrong forum.

    So I need a 51mm tamper, a pressurised "2 cup" basket and an unpressurized double basket for the Breville Ikon.

    I tried to modify a friends basket with a 1.3mm drill.... managed to put 2 holes right through his only double basket....

    I know that many of the sponsors sell the tampers, but I need to get everything from the one place and they need to be able to ship to Hong Kong :S

    I have looked all over Hong Kong for a tamper but can only find the espro 51mm tamp and its just a bit too much for me to spend on this machine. I was really surprised that it's proving near impossible to find a Breville basket here too

    Any ideas?
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