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Thread: Isomac giadia problem

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    Isomac giadia problem

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    Morning all
    Just returned to my Tokyo flat to find that my little giadia has devoloped a problem.
    When it heats up it spits water out of the group, it wont hold pressure to steam either.
    There must be a "thing" that stops or blocks the pressure/ water when the pump is off.
    What is it, where do I get one.
    The little isomac was cheap but dont buy one, :-[ pretty crappy.

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    Re: Isomac giadia problem

    Interesting choice of name for a machine. I had Giadia once in my travels and it wasnt nice. It certainly wouldnt make me go out and buy the namesake machine.

    It sounds like your machine doesnt have a 3-way valve, but just a simple anti-drip valve. If this valve (usually just a ball, spring and seat) is jammed with scale or coffee crud, it wont seal properly and will leak. Another possibility is the spring may be corroded and lost much of its tension. Either way the machine will drip during heat up and not hold steam pressure. Thats my guess.

    Actually its sunds like your machine may even have *a case of giadia... *;)

    The usual way to fix this is to pull apart the group to access the valve. However, Im not familiar with your machine.



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    Re: Isomac giadia problem

    Just rechecked the name of my machine. FRAUDIAN SLIP
    However it does descripe the nature of my problem.
    Having had it once, the giadia, that is, from Indo, a good case of descaling may be the answer.
    The days of a good head of pressure may be over!
    Thanks, Nice chatting with you.

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