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Thread: Broken water tank - advice please

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    Unhappy Broken water tank - advice please

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    Hi all - I acquired a Sunbeam EM5800 from the 'pay it forward' forum (many thanks ausfitter!), and unfortunately the nozzle at the bottom of its water tank is broken (possibly in the unpacking process). So I can't use it, as it just leaks water out as soon as you put the tank onto the machine. It can't be glued back together as the pieces are too small. Can this be fixed, even by gluing the whole thing onto the machine, or by gluing some other kind of tube onto it (plastic welding even?), or do I just have to buy a new tank. Can you get a new tank for this machine? Bear in mind that the machine was free (I just paid postage) so I don't want to spend a fortune. It would be so nice if someone had one...

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