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Thread: Domestic unit.

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    Domestic unit.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    My Saeco Magic died on me around 12months ago and I need a new unit. *Now I own 3 commercial units I use for my different mobile vans, so I want something decent for home as well. *Problem is, as I wake when it is dark and my eyes dont actually start operating, least of all function properly till my third cup of Gods elixir of youth. *Hence something that grinds and brews at the push of a button is called for. *At this stage of the day, addiction not perfection calls .......... more like screams. *Im sure you are familiar with this. *What is a decent automatic machine that is going to last longer than 18months?

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    Re: Domestic unit.

    Hi Dale,

    Nice to correspond again! (hows that tamper going?). The general feeling on CS is that Jura is the way to go for fully automatic, providing youve got enough pennies in the piggy to cover it!

    An alternative viewpoint is put forward by Alan Frew of coffeecowhere the Solis Pallazo gets the nod, and Jura misses out based on temperature issues. Note that article is approaching two years old now so things may have changed, but its certainly somewhere to start.


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    Re: Domestic unit.

    The general line of thinking of those in the know here is that Jura wins everywhere- including reliability. Id be waiting until I got to work though....

    A well adjusted Jura will produce a good coffee. They do need work out of the box and thats why its best to purchase from a sponsor!

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