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Thread: 2nd Machine - Would be grateful for some advice

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    2nd Machine - Would be grateful for some advice

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi All,

    My Sunbeam EM3600 decided to pack it in yesterday and I am looking to replace with something a little better. I am happy to spend up to $500 and would love some advice on what machine would best do the job. Some I have been looking at are: Sunbeam EM5600, EM6200 and EM5900 (possibly the EM0440, at a stretch price wise). Also the Breville 800ES. I had just started with Sunbeam as that was the brand of my first machine...


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    hi Geoff,

    Sad to hear your machine packed it in, ther is nothing worse than going with no coffee! I would suggest looking a something that is pre owened. you can pick some desent Rancillio Silvias up for around that price. On top of all that as most will say around here make sure you have a suitable grinder or factor one in to buying a machine. A grinder is somewhat as important if not more important as a Machine.



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    Thanks Chris, I will keep an eye out... I appreciate the thought, it was a hard start to the morning.
    I currently have a krups grinder but will certainly be looking to upgrade. I just came across a sunbeam EM6200 and EM0440 grinder for $399 new.... Could be an option.
    Thanks again,

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    Hi Geoff,

    Some second hand/ex-demo Silvia's and Lelits for around $500. (Caution: May contain more than trace elements of steel and brass )

    Second Hand Coffee Machines


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    plenty of options under $500...
    i have seen breville bes870 with builtin grinder for $499
    there was online place recently selling new sylvias for $499 including 10kg coffee. but no grinder
    are you considering second hand one. i have picked up second hand em5900 in as new condition for $50 and then picked up 0480 grinder for another $50. sold my capsule machine for $100 = free upgrade

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    Thanks for all the info Charlie & snajper, still looking around. Hoping to get a Silvia from a local store


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