Well firstly hi, I am new to the forum and to the world of coffee machines. We have been doing stovetop for years and quite frankly was over it. I only ever buy coffee from the local roasters or a place at freo markets.

Anyhow my partner pestered me for a machine and wanted to spend $800 on a breville which work actually have for $498 right now. I said no and convinced her to use the Sunbeam picollo machine that work sells, before we start droppin huge coin on a machine. To be honest it is a good little machine, again we don't use store coffee and the stuff I have at the moment was roasted last week. I have mastered the steam wand which is not great, but I can make perfect froth and hot milk without boiling it everytime, my partner still can't figure it out, but I have to say for $90 it is not a bad little device, but we will be upgrading sooner or later and hope to learn alot here. I am no expert, I hate any hot drinks including coffee, but love iced coffee (it is not coffee I hate, just hot drinks and cupa soups in general thanks to my days as a scout) and sugar in coffee or iced coffee to us is sacrilege, however I love the smell of coffee and enjoy making it. But I digress, I posted my intro here as our machine is sub $500, but I hope to move up to a better machine very soon, however as an entry level for someone like me, this little picollo is great so far.